Creative Catering  for Your Special Event!

Erika Clark, has been a resident of wonderful East Tennessee for about 17 years. Her passion for baking began when she was about 11 with a very strong sweet tooth that drove her to learn how to bake homemade cookies. By 12 her father taught her how to make homemade bread.  In her teens she was learning to duplicate her mom's favorite desserts. With a love for baking grew a desire to learn to cook as well as she could bake. She decided to go to school to learn what she didn't already know and learn the business aspect as well to pursue her own business. She also is a graduate from the Pellissippi Culinary Arts cooking program in association with the University of Tennessee of where she met her good friend  and business partner Juli Stewart.

Erika is ServSafe certified.

A Few Words About Us.

Juli Stewart, a long-time resident of lovely East Tennessee, started a new chapter in her life after many years in information Management to pursue her love of creative cooking. She recently graduated from the Pellissippi Culinary Arts Cooking program in association with the University of Tennessee Department of Retail, Hospitality and Tourism Management. She is ServSafe certified. She credits her grandmother, Gladys Talbott, with instilling in her the love of cooking and defining it's place as an intricate part of the family.